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Put down the cocktail shaker and leave the heavy handles of liquor behind—there’s a new way to enjoy your favorite adult beverages at your next outdoor excursion:

That’s where canned cocktails (a.k.a Ready-to-drink or RTD cocktails) come in, offering the perfect solution for situations where you don’t have the space or supplies to make a drink.

And since the weather is perfect for the outdoors, canned cocktails help you bask in the sunshine and haze on your next picnic or camping trip.

Here are four reasons why RTD drinks make the best camping companions.

#1 Canned Cocktails are Convenient

The first and foremost reason to go for RTD drinks is convenience. When you are camping or heading outdoors in general, why burden yourself by carrying glassware, ice, juices, spices, fruits, and booze? Simply pack up some canned cocktails in a cooler and you’re ready to go!

Not to mention, canned cocktails also do away with the need for a ‘bartender’ on duty, and let everyone enjoy the vacation. And since there’s no glass bottles involved, these canned craft cocktails are safe for every outdoor activity. Pro Tip: Before you bust out the canned cocktails on your trip, make sure to check for campsite or local regulations regarding alcohol consumption at your site.

#2 Canned Cocktails are Economical

When you’re drinking in a group, liquor can add a hefty chunk to your budget. But with canned drinks, you can try out new flavors and drinks without paying premium craft prices.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay for whole bottles when all you need are a couple ounce pours. And canned liquor also helps you save money on glasses/cups, mixes, and other bar supplies and garnishes.

#3 Canned Cocktails are Healthy

Love of cocktails and a healthy lifestyle do not need to be mutually exclusive—and that’s exactly why Chaco Flaco canned cocktails were created!

Chaco Flaco isn’t just a drink company, it’s a lifestyle brand. And our mantra is flavor first. Chaco Flaco stays completely consistent on healthy ingredients for a health-conscious, responsible drinking experience. All of our sparkling craft cocktails only use clean ingredients and are gluten-free, dairy free, no high fructose corn syrups (HFCS), no artificial ingredients, lower calories, lower sodium, lower sugar, and flavors and colors only made with real fruit no added sugar. And you can always pair them up with healthy snacks and food.

That said, you should always check with your doctor before consuming alcoholic beverages. And remember to drink in moderation, especially when you’re away from home.

#4 Canned Cocktails are Environmentally Friendly

Cans, as opposed to bottles, leave a much smaller footprint on the environment. And since cans can be packed tighter than bottles, this means fewer greenhouse emissions throughout the entire shipping and distribution process.

Chaco Flaco canned cocktails are made with 100% recyclable materials, which makes it even easier to clean-up after the party is over. Remember, one of the number one rules for campgrounds is to leave no trace—pack it in, pack it out!


Check Out Chaco Flaco Canned Cocktails

Chaco Flaco offers the best canned cocktails on the market. At 6% ABV, the cocktails aren’t too light or too strong. Yet, all of them are made with real booze and natural ingredients. Our line-up includes:

Chaco Flaco Strawberry Daiquiri

Made with coconut rum, strawberry, pineapple, and lime, Chaco Flaco Strawberry Daiquiri is light and flavorful. It is sweetened with real sugar and not additives so that you get high on the rum and not the glucose!

Chaco Flaco Vodka Berry Mule

This vodka ginger brew contains tastes of mint, berries, and cucumbers, each one offering its distinct flavor. It is refreshing and tasty, and the berries and cucumbers offer a refreshing twist on the classic mule.

Chaco Flaco Mango Margarita

Nothing says ‘summer’ like Mango Margarita! This cocktail combines mango, pineapple, and a hint of habanero, combining spice and sweetness in a way you haven’t experienced before.

Learn more about our cocktails here.


Where to Find Chaco Flaco Products

Chaco Flaco’s RTD canned cocktails are perfect for picnics, camping trips, and any outdoor experience.

To find locations nearest to you or retailers with Chaco Flaco, click “Find Chaco” on our website. And don’t forget to check back frequently, as we continue to grow and share our love of flavor and cocktails in more establishments across the US!