Chuck (Chaco) MooreOur unusually delicious and Lo Cal family of drinks all started with our Founder and head mixologist, Chuck Moore aka “Chaco Flaco” or Skinny Chuck. A professional bar tender since his early twenties, Chuck loved mixing drinks for family and friends and developed a passion for inventing his own versions of classic drinks and dreaming up new and interesting recipes he could serve.

Moving to a Mexican themed restaurant and bar, Chuck was shocked at the poor flavor and quality of the margarita mixes on the market. Full of sugar, artificial flavors and colors, these mixes rarely brought a compliment or a smile from his customers. Much to his wife’s dismay, he turned the kitchen at home into his own mixology laboratory. Chuck tweaked, tested, tried and tossed batch after batch of mix looking for the perfect blend of flavors and taste, all with the goal of keeping it totally natural, healthy and organic. Even more, he knew he would also need to make it super skinny so not to offend his friends focused on keeping lean and fit.

Finally he discovered a formula that was perfect. He started to serve it on shift at his restaurant and guests began to rave about this new delicious drink. Playing on the Spanish words for “Skinny” and “Chuck” the original Chaco Flaco was born and more and more fans discovered the delicious drink. Chuck built his brand with the help of the notorious character Señor Flaco who has risen to celebrate the Day of The Dead. This skinny gun slinging mascot from the state of Jalisco inspires everyone he meets on his journey to find the ultimate in natural food and drink.

Chuck was later joined by close friend and professional bar tender Adam VanSlick. They worked together to find new drinks and new combinations to bring pleasure to everyone they served. With his own passion and focus, Adam crafted both the Bloody and Verde Maria drinks and later added the delicious and popular Adam and Eve’s Skinny Mojito to the family of beverages.

Today the Chaco Flaco family of Unusually Delicious skinny drinks has 7 members and will be growing soon. Selling today online here on our website and in select Whole Food stores in the Southwest, we hope you enjoy our mixes and drinks with those you love – and raise your glass and give a toast to Señor Flaco, where ever his most recent travels might take him.

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