To The Valley and Beyond: Chaco Flaco Brings Premium Hand-Crafted Canned Cocktails Across Arizona

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With humble roots starting in a Tempe kitchen 10 years ago, the industry-rocking Chaco Flaco premium hand-crafted canned, ready to drink cocktails are now available across the state of Arizona thanks to some new major partnerships with retailers AJ’s Fine Foods in June of 2021, and this month’s launch of all three flavors at Total Wine & More locations in Arizona. Each of these retailers presents a unique reason as to why Chaco Flaco canned cocktails are a perfect fit for their locations. 

Premium Canned Cocktails

At Chaco Flaco, the mantra is flavor first. This means only the best ingredients for a premium product– gluten-free, dairy-free, no high fructose corn syrups, no artificial ingredients– just flavors and colors made with real fruit and no added sugar. This makes Chaco Flaco premium hand-crafted canned cocktails the perfect addition to AJ’s Fine Foods. The mission of AJ’s is to bring an upscale gourmet market experience to the Valley– and now expanded to 11 markets in the metro Phoenix area and Tuscon– to bring high-end food and drink options to Arizona. Which beginning in June 2021, now includes Chaco Flaco canned cocktails!

Ready To Drink, Across AZ

Chaco Flaco is breaking the mold of what used to be considered the “alternatives” to beer or hard liquor. Chaco Flaco canned cocktails are not a malt liquor or a hard seltzer. They are distilled, spirits-based cocktails made of premium ingredients. With the goal of providing a health-conscious and responsible drinking experience, Chaco Flaco hand-crafted canned cocktails are also meant to be easily accessible.

Launching April 11, 2022, Chaco Flaco is now available in all three flavors at all 12 Total Wine & More locations in Arizona! With locations scattered throughout the state from Prescott down to Tucson, no matter where you are in AZ, a ready-to-drink canned cocktail is available near you!  

Why Canned Cocktails?

As the availability of Chaco Flaco canned cocktails spreads like wildfire, a question some may ask is “Why Canned Cocktails”? Below are just a few of the benefits to choosing canned cocktails for libation cravings:

  • Great Taste, No Fillers – As opposed to malt liquors or hard seltzers, canned cocktails provide a great-tasting premium drinking experience that typically involves less sugars and sodium than these aforementioned competitors. And with Chaco Flaco canned cocktails, our premium ingredients and our flavors and colors being made with real fruit and no added sugars mean the best taste, ready to drink in the palm of your hand!
  • Ready To Drink – With canned cocktails, there is no guessing of measurements of liquor to juices, or needing to scour the internet to find good tasting recipes. Choosing a premium hand-crafted canned cocktail like Chaco Flaco is like having a personal mixologist creating a delicious cocktail just for you, but without the work or the wait! Simply grab a can, pop the top, and enjoy!
  • Portable – One of the biggest appealing factors of canned cocktails is the ease and portability of these libations. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a ballgame tailgate, instead of the inconvenience of lugging all the ingredients for mixed drinks, simply grab a couple packs of canned cocktails for the easiest, most lightweight option for the party?
  • Environmentally Friendly – Using a recyclable container option of aluminum cans, the choice to drink canned cocktails is not only convenient but also a great way to be environmentally conscious.

Where Are All the Places To Find Chaco Flaco in Arizona?

Delicious Chaco Flaco premium hand-crafted canned cocktails are available in retail stores and restaurants and bars across the state of Arizona. Locations currently include: 

To find locations nearest to you serving Chaco Flaco, visit our website and click on “Find Chaco”. And don’t forget to check back frequently, as we continue to grow and share our love of flavor and cocktails in more establishments across Arizona!