Chaco Flaco’s Canned Cocktails Surge on the Scene in SO-CAL + CO

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Just a decade after the creation of Chaco Flaco’s Canned Cocktails recipes in a kitchen in Tempe, AZ, this industry-leading cocktail is sweeping the Western U.S. and continuing to add states of distribution where you can enjoy Chaco Flaco! Now in addition to its roots and home state of Arizona, Chaco Flaco premium canned cocktails can now also be enjoyed in Southern California and Colorado.  


Ready-To-Drink in Southern California

Just across the border of Arizona, Chaco Flaco’s premium canned cocktails can now be found throughout the region of Southern California through a recent partnership with distributor John Lenore Co. With 16 activations in just the first week in California, these distilled, spirits-based, ready-to-drink cocktails that are super clean, all-natural ingredients are the perfect blend between the health-conscious and easy accessibility which reflects the So-Cal mindset. 


Canned Cocktails in Colorado

Despite nearly 1,000 miles and mountains, deserts, and valleys in between – Chaco Flaco Premium Canned Cocktails have made their way from Tempe, AZ, to the Denver, CO, area. By partnering with distributor New Age Beverage, Chaco Flaco had over 50 activations the first week, and continues to spread in the Rocky Mountain state. While the Denver area has long been renowned as a craft beer and foodie destination, Chaco Flaco canned cocktails complement each of these aspects with its award-winning, unique cocktail recipes paired with only premium ingredients and one of the leading, innovative brands on the market. 


What’s Different About Chaco Flaco?

With hundreds of canned cocktail options flooding the shelves at stores and lining the coolers at restaurants, you may find yourself asking– what’s different about Chaco Flaco? 

  • Chaco Flaco isn’t just a drink company, it’s a lifestyle brand. With our all-natural Whole Foods compliant sparkling craft canned cocktails (RTD, Ready to Drink), mixers, coming soon ceros (mocktails), and merchandise/apparel Chaco Flaco is selling at an unprecedented pace.
  • Our mantra is FLAVOR first. Chaco Flaco stays completely consistent on healthy ingredients for a health-conscious responsible drinking experience. All of our products are super clean, gluten-free, dairy free, no high fructose corn syrups (HFCS), no artificial ingredients, lower calories, lower sodium, lower sugar, and feature flavors and colors made with real fruit, no added sugar.
  • Chaco Flaco sparkling canned craft cocktails are spirits-based, not a hard seltzer. As opposed to malt liquors or hard seltzers, canned cocktails provide a great-tasting premium drinking experience that typically involves less sugars and sodium than these aforementioned competitors. And with Chaco Flaco canned cocktails, our premium ingredients and our flavors and colors being made with real fruit and no added sugars
  • means the best taste, ready to drink in the palm of your hand!  


Where Can I Find Chaco Flaco?

Delicious Chaco Flaco premium hand-crafted canned cocktails are currently available in retail stores and restaurants and bars across the state of Arizona, plus regions of Southern California and Denver, Colorado.

To find locations nearest to you serving or selling Chaco Flaco, visit our website and click on “Find Chaco”. And don’t forget to check back frequently, as we continue to grow and share our love of flavor and cocktails in more establishments across retailers, restaurants, and bars across the U.S.!