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Do you want to refresh yourself on a hot summer day or recharge your body with a healthy beverage? Or are you hosting a pool party where the audience is health-conscious, and you need to find the best offerings?

On such occasions, mixed beverages are your rescue, and you must be thinking about Ready-to-Drink and pre-mixed drinks.

What’s Healthy Drinking

Taking away the hassle of mixing flavors, alcohol, and sparkling water for a soul-hitting taste, RTD cocktails have taken the beverage industry by storm. Besides being convenient, RTDs are premium quality products produced in many exciting flavors while keeping healthy consumption patterns in mind.

Unlike earlier days when RTDs were considered high-on-sugar low-quality convenience drinks, the changing drinking scenario has now made RTDs an experience. People are more concerned than ever about what they put in their bodies, and the number of people joining the health and wellness trends is increasing each day. With these evolving lifestyles, the demand for healthy beverages has sky-rocketed.

Like any other premium product, RTDs now focus on providing higher quality products that are not only tasty and natural but also healthy. With factors convincing enough for RTD brands to shift to the traditional alcohol space, the market has witnessed the introduction of healthy, low-calorie drinking ranges.

With the category growing faster than ever arises the question of whether RTD cocktails are actually healthier; to your surprise, the industry has grown massively, and here is how they are meeting the rising consumer demand for healthier products.

Lower Alcohol Quantity

The brands produce healthier RTDs without compromising taste and quality by replacing alcohol with malt bases and using carbonization as a natural preservative in canned cocktails. Similarly, the wheat-free and gluten-free trend have convinced companies to find alternative alcohol resources resulting in the production of fermented cane sugar-based beverages, a healthier alternative.

Natural ingredients

Variety is the key, and there is no cap when it comes to the flavors of cocktails. As drinkers’ tastes evolve, the industry is witnessing exciting combinations of flavors and mixes for sophisticated palettes and complex serves.

Focusing on this approach while considering the dietary aspect, the new RTDs have reduced sugar components; most have entirely replaced artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavors with natural alternatives like botanicals for organic juices and sucralose for sugar.

The Chaco Flaco Difference

While there are hundreds of different RTD cocktails available on the market, it’s important to know why Chaco Flaco stands out above all the rest!

Flavor First: The mantra at Chaco Flaco is just this– “Flavor First”! Being a professional bartender since his early twenties, founder Chuck Moore loved mixing drinks for close family and friends which developed a strong passion for inventing his own versions of classic drinks. This led Chuck to dreaming up new and interesting all-natural recipes he could serve to not only his close circle but to the masses locally, and nationally.

Lower Alcohol Quantity: At just 6% ABV, Chaco Flaco RTD sparkling craft cocktails are meant to be easily accessible and encourage a more responsible drinking experience than traditional mixed cocktails.

Natural Ingredients: Chaco Flaco stays consistent in flavor by only using healthy ingredients for a health-conscious responsible drinking experience. This entails a super clean, gluten-free, dairy-free, no high fructose corn syrups (HFCS), no artificial ingredients, lower calories, lower sodium, lower sugar, flavors and colors made with real fruit, and no added sugar.


To find a solution to your ideal pleasurable yet healthy drink, RTDs have hopped on an adventurous path full of experimentation, giving you a range of exciting flavors, healthy ingredients, and premium quality beverages. Time to not hold yourself back from refreshing with the best mix, especially with a Chaco Flaco canned cocktail.

Where to Find Chaco Flaco Products

While Chaco Flaco had humble beginnings in a kitchen in Tempe, AZ, back in 2012, it’s now grown to now be available throughout Arizona, Southern California, and select locations in Denver, Colorado, Las Vegas, Nevada, and more to come!

To find locations nearest to you or retailers with Chaco Flaco, click “Find Chaco” on our website. And don’t forget to check back frequently, as we continue to grow and share our love of flavor and cocktails in more establishments across the US!