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For kids, Halloween celebrations are all about dressing up and collecting candy. But for adults, all that matters is a spooky party and Halloween drinks!

Since it’s Halloween, cocktails are a must for a crazy celebration or even a spooky but sophisticated dinner party. But themed cocktails can make any party more fun. Chaco Flaco’s ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails and mixers are perfect to turn up the volume at any party.

And with these ideas, you’ll have guests feeling immersed in the Halloween theme in no time:

#1 Vampire’s Kiss

Made with coconut rum, strawberry, pineapple, and lime, Chaco Flaco Strawberry Daiquiri is the perfect cocktail for a vampire’s kiss. Sweet with a limey finish, this RTD will have your guests wanting more. You can pour it out in a glass with a sugar rim on the sides and add dry ice for the finishing touch.

#2 Witch’s Brew

If you don’t want to play mixologist on Halloween and truly enjoy the party, there’s nothing better than using the Vodka berry mule RTD by Chaco Flaco for this witch’s brew drink. Just add a green lollipop and some dry ice for the perfect brew bubble of a witch’s cauldron.

#3 Blood beetroot cocktails

To make this drink you need the Bloody Maria mixer by Chaco Flaco. To prepare, first, dip your finger in golden syrup or honey. Run your finger on the sides of the martini glasses. Roll each glass on black sugar.

In a large cocktail shaker add a handful of ice cubes, the Bloody Maria mixture, and black vodka. Simply shake it and divide it evenly in the glasses. Add some berries on cocktail skewers and add them to the glasses for the finishing touch.  

#4 Haunting Halloween cocktail

This haunting Halloween cocktail with Chaco Flaco’s Verde Maria mixer will be a crowd favorite. Just add Vodka and ice with the mixer and shake it in a cocktail shaker.

Pour it out in sugar-rimmed glasses and serve topped with chopped mint leaves. You can also serve it with dry ice and it’ll look haunting just like its name!

#5 The Zombie

Smoked Agave Tequila with habanero, pineapple, and mango, this ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail is perfect for making the Zombie Cocktail. Just pour the drink, add some fresh lime, and top it with mint, ice, and lemon slices in the glasses.

The zombie’s spice and sweetness feel like a delectable explosion of flavors. This drink is perfect if you want to focus on the decorations of the party while making sure that the guests are served the best.

Serving Suggestions

You can serve these amazing cocktails with anything savory or sweet. Most of these cocktails go well with cheese. Just lay out different kinds of cheese on a charcuterie board and present it with the cocktails.

The RTD drinks also go well with light snacks like bananas or potato chips. You can also pair these drinks with a heavy meal if you’re going to a dinner party this Halloween.

Where to Find Chaco Flaco Products

Chaco Flaco’s RTD canned cocktails and mixers are perfect for any kind of party. Be it a casual meetup or a sophisticated dinner. If you don’t want to play mixologist at the party, the canned cocktails are perfect to just pour and serve with minimal preparation. They also go well with sugary and savory snacks.

To find retailers that stock Chaco Flaco, click “Find Chaco” on our website. If Chaco Flaco is not yet available, don’t worry, and keep checking back. We’ll soon come with the Chaco experience in your state!